Our Mission


  • To educate, engage, and advocate for social justice and human rights issues for our members, affiliates, and citizens across the world.


  • To promote social justice and human rights initiatives and awareness.
  • To train members and non-members in the areas of social justice and advocacy issues in order to meet the needs of oppressed and marginalized groups and communities.
  • To inspire members and communities to civic engagement, political and social justice awareness, advocacy and community service.

Our Vision


The vision of Black Greeks Speak is to make real what Dr. Howard Thurman and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. called the Beloved Community. That means to create a world wherein all people have the ability to exist as equally free moral agents without concern for racial, gender, and religious discrimination and hatred.



BGS partners with like-mind organizations that work to construct more democratic spaces that give value to human life and liberate people from structural oppression and marginalization.  In this way Black Greeks Speak Social Justice and Human Rights Council primarily functions as a clearinghouse for activating social justice and human rights initiatives across the United States and in countries wherein social justice and human rights advocacy is needed. Thus, as a clearinghouse, BGS operates in coalition with diverse social justice, community, and advocacy organizations that strive to meet the many issues that impact the lives and well-being of all people, particularly those most vulnerable and marginalized communities. The Purpose of BGS shall be achieved through the following objectives:


  • Serve as an Economic Clearinghouse that will lead to the development of funding streams and viable economic solutions and initiatives for individuals and communities disproportionately impacted by economic injustices.
  • Serve as a Political Clearinghouse and community resource for the purpose of political awareness and social justice agenda setting that impacts the political well-being for poorly served communities, particularly those impacted by issues around racial, gender, religious injustices.
  • Serve as an Educational Leadership and Training Clearinghouse for social, educational, political, and community leadership in collaboration with members, affiliates and partner organizations to ensure an informed and organized community is equipped and prepared for social justice and human rights advocacy and campaign initiatives.

 Black Greeks Speak is a 501c3 organization

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