Marcus Barnum, MBA

Marcus Barnum is Arbitrator of insurance policy limits.  He is a former executive of Ameriquest Mortgage Company’s National Division, where he turned a fledging operation into a very efficient and high-producing 42 state expansion for the company.  He was an excellent steward of this $720M division, where he was recognized nationally for his accomplishments as the number one executive within the firm.


Marcus has used his financial acumen to be a champion for the consumer as well.  He is national energy-efficiency correspondent for a variety of news mediums.  He has appeared on KHOU-11, CW39, and KPRC-2.   He regularly appears on The Gardenline with Randy Lemmon- (KTRH 740), The Home Improvement Hotline with Bob Burner (KPRC-950), and Ask-a-Pro with Jim Klauck (KSEV 700).   He has also appeared nationally with LiveWell Network owned by The Walt Disney Company.


Marcus was named and honored as one of Houston’s Top 50 Professionals.  He serves on the Major Gifts Committee for Westbury Christian School, and also volunteers for various other public school systems educating students from grades 4-12 on two major initiatives, “Getting Smart about Credit”, and “Teach Children to Save”.  His dynamic teaching style has made him a classroom favorite across the country.  He also serves as Senior Minister to Tamina Church of Christ in The Woodlands, TX. Marcus earned a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Marketing from Texas Tech University, a earned his Master of Business Administration from University of Phoenix in 2003. He is also received his certification in Financial Planning from Rice University in 2010.  Marcus is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

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