Black Greeks Speak’s members and donors play an invaluable role in sustaining the quality, independence and impact of our work. Our members and donors provide critical financial resources to support a wide range of forums, programs, seminars, scholarships, and research projects on the policy questions facing both local and national decision makers in the United States. In addition, BGS seeks the support from generous individuals, foundations, corporations, and U.S. government agencies that share our commitment to BGS’s mission and vision.  The individuals, corporations, foundations, and government agencies that contribute to Black Greeks Speak Social Justice and Human Rights Council value the empirical inquiry and practical recommendations we have charged ourselves to produce. These individuals, corporations, foundations and agencies attend a variety of public and private events that allow rich intellectual exchanges with our scholars, community and business leaders, and human rights advocates and leaders. They also get a first look at our publications and receive special updates and other communications from Black Greeks Speak staff and supporters.  Making a contribution to BGS ensures that this work continues and is quick and easy.


All contributions must conform to BGS’s Donor Guidelines. By instituting strong procedures to review potential gifts and acknowledge financial support, BGS maintains the independence that is our principal asset and the cornerstone of what we do. BGS actively seeks support from a diverse group of donors to ensure that no single person, entity, or industry can be perceived to have influence on the, programs, seminars, research or recommendations produced by our scholars and associates. All potential sources and terms of support undergo a thorough internal review that ensures our absolute commitment to scholarly independence and our full compliance with all applicable laws and regulations regarding lobbying, government agencies, and disclosure.


As a matter of policy, BGS accepts gifts only from donors who do not seek to undermine or compromise the independence our work. We do not accept support for proprietary research. In addition BGS discloses the support of donors who fund specific publications in writing and those who fund specific events at that event. Black Greeks Speak is committed to transparency in our funding relationships. In each year’s Annual Report, we publish a full list of donors, grouped into ranges of gift amount.  BGS’s Annual Report is available upon request and or via the website. For this reason, BGS provides a number of ways for donors to get involved in the work of BGS.


These include exclusive invitations to private events and conference calls on pressing policy topics, private issue briefings from scholars, complimentary publications, and reserved seating at public events. Donors also can choose to receive periodic communications from BGS that highlight recent research and impact.

Corporate Sponsorship
$3,000.00 a year

Black Greeks Speak Corporate Council is a core group of companies whose contributions of general operating support help make our research, events, and publications possible.

Members of the Black Greeks Speak Corporate Council enjoy frequent opportunities for top executives and business professionals to engage with BGS experts at private events in Washington, New York, and other cities, as well as reserved seating at BGS public events and conferences.

Throughout the year, Corporate Council members receive complimentary publications by BGS scholars and periodic special communications from BGS Founder and CEO, Marlon A. Smith. Black Greeks Speak Corporate Sponsors have the opportunity to not only join our BGS Corporate Council, but also their participation on our Council offers valuable programs, events and other activities for private-sector leaders who value interactions with BGS experts and our members.

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Private foundations interested in supporting specific research projects should contact Black Greeks Speak Corporate Office to learn more about the work that BGS does and to solicit access to our experts for particular projects.

Governments, Universities, and NGOs


Organizations interested in supporting specific research projects or partnering with Black Greeks Speak Social Justice and Human Rights Council should contact BGS Corporate Office to learn more about the work that BGS is engaged.  All potential partnerships are subject to BGS partnership policies.

 Black Greeks Speak is a 501c3 organization

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